Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Best Friend - Summer Cates

The summer we met how could I have known
I saw you that first time standing alone
I was new to the crowd and a little bit scared
I needed a friend who really cared
I never thought it would be you who'd come when I was down
I always felt if my life flooded you'd just let me drown

I don't know how it happened,
you were suddenly my best friend
I sat and listened to you cry
Your broken heart I tried to mend

You told me about the girl you loved
I told you be patient to look up above
I said to trust God to really pray
You said that you had, so I prayed everyday

I asked God to guide you and help you to see
I told you you could always depend on me
You got what you wanted but she doesn't treat you right
You both argue and she always starts a fight

One night we were talking about something she'd done
I had known I liked you but then it hit me all in one
Suddenly I knew I loved you more than life itself
and I broke down and cried all by myself

When I finally told you you didn't seem surprised
I stood in front of you drying my eyes
I love you more than words can say
I think about you everyday

You are my best friend and I hate to see you cry
I try to hide my feelings believe me(name) I try
I know I'll never measure up to what you see in her,
she's the luckiest girl I've ever known
But just know you're never on your own
I love you, my best friend

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