Monday, September 24, 2012

No Mystery - Gothic

You look into my eyes and see things you don't understand.
Am I a mystery? I think not.
You look at my smile;
You search for something that isn't there.
Am I a mystery? I think not.
You listen to my voice, and call me an angel.
This angel is flesh and blood,
Not a doll to be put on show.
You see - I'm not a mystery.
I am me.

I am flesh and blood.

Touch me; I wont break.
There's no mystery here.
Caress me; feel the warmth.
I'm not a mystery; I am Woman.

Here I am - desires abound;

Relentless and sensuous - yours to caress
Like a flower; make me bloom.
Don't stop; not even to rest!
No mystery here; Just a Woman.
I feel the weight of your body against mine;
Your heaving breath upon my skin.
The most gentle touch on my thigh,
The soft nibbling on my breasts -
Moving slowly in a downward motion.
Now you see,
I'm no mystery; I am YOUR Woman.
I am all Woman.

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